Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Although i haven't posted for a long while, i really wanted to spread awareness about the cruelty of whale and dolphin captivity. Even though I'm slightly late to this whole situation i still thought it was really important to share.

After watching the documentary 'Blackfish' (which i would highly recommend if you want to know more about the truth behind Sea World) i did further research and also ended up watching 'The cove' which is a documentary about dolphin slaughtering in Japan.

These creatures should be able to swim for miles in the ocean but instead they are cramped in concrete cages portraying clear signs of depression and aggression. 
Animals are not there for our own entertainment which has been clearly demonstrated through the death of many sea world trainers. Not to mention the amount of sever boredom these mammals encounter, they do not deserve to spend their lives in a bath tub. 
Although taking whales from the wild is banned, that gives no excuse for excessive use of artificial insemination just to ensure the company is making money. These ocean animals have the right to live the life that nature gave them and enjoy socialising with their family instead of being isolated with unfamiliar faces.

Obviously, i am not an expert when in comes to marine animals and how they behave but i know for a fact that they have a right to be free just like any other animal participating in circuses or zoos which are not put in place purely for protection.

Please sign these petitions if you'd like to make a change:


Watch The Cove (this is available for free on youtube)

Blackfish Trailer (you can watch the whole thing on Netflix in the Uk so I'm sure other countries will have it as well, if not there are short clips on youtube)

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