Monday, 19 May 2014

L'Oreal Nude Magique

I've heard a lot of thinks about this foundation about how it feels as if you aren't wearing make up and it's supposedly lighter than water and i can honestly say i agree. I picked this up a few days ago and have been loving it, i think its perfect for school/everyday. Everyone gets hot in summer, i know i definitely do, and i always feel like my foundation is literally melting off my face so this great now that the weather is getting much warmer. The constancy is exactly like a liquid so it just sinks into your skin, leaving you face feeling soft and free of makeup.The coverage of this obviously isn't going to make you look flawless but i think it's pretty good and you can always build it up with another layer, concealer or powder etc.
So yeah, this was just a quick review to show you what i thought, i hope this helped!

Saturday, 3 May 2014


Hi everyone!
I know some people like using their hand or fingers to apply their foundation but personally i love using brushes. I think they are nice and quick but still give you smooth flawless finish.
For my foundation i like to take the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I dip it into my makeup, which is on my hand, and dot it round my face. I then gently buff it into my skin and it works really well. It's very dense so it really pushes the makeup into your skin.
For concealer i also take a Real Technique brush. This is meant for contouring but i think its great for concealer, especially under your eyes as its slightly pointed at the end. In my opinion it's just a fluffier, lighter version of the buffing brush.
Elf actually do such good brushes for the price, however some brushes aren't so good  as they are really harsh and prickly. I'ts so annoying because in the UK there isn't a shop, you have to buy off the website so i guess its just luck. The two that i love are the kabuki (2nd from bottom) and powder brush (bottom). I use the kabuki brush for bronzer as it's really big and soft so you get a really even application. I used the powder brush for powder and because of the flat top it's really easy to press on top of your foundation.
As you can tell i don't really branch out when it comes to buying brushes but i would really like too. If you have any recommendations please let me know!