Monday, 19 May 2014

L'Oreal Nude Magique

I've heard a lot of thinks about this foundation about how it feels as if you aren't wearing make up and it's supposedly lighter than water and i can honestly say i agree. I picked this up a few days ago and have been loving it, i think its perfect for school/everyday. Everyone gets hot in summer, i know i definitely do, and i always feel like my foundation is literally melting off my face so this great now that the weather is getting much warmer. The constancy is exactly like a liquid so it just sinks into your skin, leaving you face feeling soft and free of makeup.The coverage of this obviously isn't going to make you look flawless but i think it's pretty good and you can always build it up with another layer, concealer or powder etc.
So yeah, this was just a quick review to show you what i thought, i hope this helped!


  1. OMG that sounds amazing :), might go and get one myself


  2. Sounds like a great product! It gets pretty hot in NY, maybe I will check it out!

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  5. Yay I have been looking for a new drug store foundation I should try and I think I'll give this a shot now :) Love you photography on your blog!

    Just followed you <3