Sunday, 31 August 2014

Isle Of Wight

On the first day we went to a little cafe and got a drink, mine was a strawberry smoothie.
We went down to the beach a lot and when it was sunny(not very often), the view was so pretty.

This ice cream was amazing, i got the same pretty much everyday - Mint Choc Chip with Blackberries and Cream.

Later on in the week, when we went for a walk along the rock we saw a fox sunbathing, he was so cute!
As it was lunch time, he was very interested in everyone food...
And ended up getting some bread!


  1. Replies
    1. It really was, when the weather was good! x

  2. The fox is soo cute! I didn't know they even went to the beach haha x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. No neither did i, but it was so adorable! x

  3. Great photos! Looks gorgeous :-)

  4. The photo of the glistening sea looks breathtaking!! :) x

  5. Amazing pictures. The story of the fox is very funny :) Also the see looks great!

    Mary x

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  8. Your photos are incredibly stunning :) I like the sun reflecting of the water surface and the fox being so comfy around people is something you don't see everyday ;)
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  12. These are great images. The place is beautiful and you captured em well. :)
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  13. Wonderful photos! They are amazing. Thanks for sharing.
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  15. These images are beautiful! I haven't been to the Isle of Wight in years, but this post really makes me want to go!


    1. Yeah i used to go when i was younger but i forgot how pretty it actually is! x

  16. amazing pics :3
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