Saturday, 21 June 2014

New Camera

My Camera

So about a week ago i got a new camera. I have wanted a DSLR for ages as i have been stuck with my phone camera for a while now. I got the Nikon D3200 in black but it is also available in red. You can buy the whole kit which includes the camera and a 18-55mm VR lens but i decided to just get the body and buy the lens separately which is the Af-S DX NIkkor 35mm lens - dont worry, i dont really understand those letters and numbers either, i'm just reading it off the box!

Above are just a few pictures i've taken and as you can see, my dog has been my model over the past couple of days. The top ones have been taken with a quick shutter speed to catch the water and movement and the bottom ones i have experimented with the black and white effect and depth of field. 

I know the pictures aren't particularly interesting, but i've loved figuring out how to use my camera and trying different things so i thought it would be nice to share it with you.


  1. Very nice! I am dying to get a DSLR :)

    1. I would really recommend this one, its at a good price as well x

  2. I loved your blog
    Great photos

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  3. hey lovely photos !!
    follow for follow ?


  4. Amazin photos!! I want a DSLR so much!! You are really lucky!! Thanks for following me!! I followed you back!! Keep in touch :D
    Maria xox

  5. Great photos
    Your dog is so cute :)
    Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog
    I'm now following you back
    Rachel XX

  6. Great choice! I finally got my dslr a couple months ago and I have no idea why I kept putting it off for so long! I love it.
    Great photos btw xx

  7. A new camera is such a great thing to get :) The photos are amazing and I hope you'll make tons of photos with your new DSLR :)
    If you'd like to follow each other, just let me know on my blog. xx Maja

  8. Wow I'm so jelly of your new camera! The pics you took looks amazing like something you'd see in a store. And the doggy looks so cute x)