Sunday, 31 August 2014

Isle Of Wight

On the first day we went to a little cafe and got a drink, mine was a strawberry smoothie.
We went down to the beach a lot and when it was sunny(not very often), the view was so pretty.

This ice cream was amazing, i got the same pretty much everyday - Mint Choc Chip with Blackberries and Cream.

Later on in the week, when we went for a walk along the rock we saw a fox sunbathing, he was so cute!
As it was lunch time, he was very interested in everyone food...
And ended up getting some bread!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Monochrome + Colour


This dress is from River Island. The main colour is black with white detailing but by adding the Missguided coat and with the mint green checked pattern it brings back the brighter, more summery feel.
I love the top/dress from Primark, it's so easy to wear and by adding the shirt from New Look gives it more shape and pattern. The necklace is also from New Look (most of the stuff is to be honest).

These are just the shoes i love wearing with the clothes above or any other monochrome inspired outfits. 

New Look.
It's so easy to interpret tiny bits of colour into all black outfits, even through your socks!
New Look.
All Star.

Hatfield House

The first thing we did when we arrived was get food. There was a cute little cafe that sold cake, sandwiches, salads etc. This was my food and it tasted so good! To be honest im not quite sure what it all was all i know is that it was amazing!

Through the gardens there were loads of little sculptures. I didn't release at the time but they were all available to buy, some were worth thousands of pounds!

There were also massive sculptures as you walked through into the woody parts.

A lot were of skeletons and sculls, some of them were actually quite creepy.